Lost Cave

LOST CAVE is now available in early access!
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Solve mind-bending puzzles.

Explore a beautifully strange world.

Gain an entirely new perspective.

LOST CAVE is a puzzle platformer where players must discover how to move the world in order to move through it. Players will have to use their wits to solve mind-bending puzzles using challenging mechanics in order to progress deeper into the LOST CAVE!

About Us

Ganglyfish is a small group of friends from Baltimore, MD that has been working together on games for years. Now we're getting our games out into the hands of players everywhere. You can usually find us at local developer events and conventions, so be sure to drop by and say hi!

Jonathan Moriarty

photo credit: Beau Finley

Jonathan Moriarty
Designer / Engineer


image credit: Yokaiy


Rick Van Tassel

photo credit: Richard M. Van Tassel

Rick Van Tassel
Designer / Engineer

Jonathan Hicks

photo credit: Chris Williams

Jonathan Hicks

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